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The Advantages of the Collaborative Robot

There is a buzz about the manufacturing industry about Cobots but confusion as to how they differ from traditional industrial robots.  The main difference is that they can work safely with humans without the need for safety guarding.  They can’t perform tasks at high speed, rather their focus is on safety.  Outlined below are some of the features of the Cobot.

  1. Working together safely with humans
  • Specifically designed to work together with people
  • Assist with complex tasks that cannot be fully automated
  1. Avoid dangerous activities
  • Fulfil tasks that could be dangerous for people
  • Safely transporting sharp, pointed or hot work pieces, or dangerous bolting work
  • Fewer accidents
  • Technicians to focus on less arduous aspects of production
  1. “Smart” and safe behaviour
  • Designed to work seamlessly together with their human colleagues.
  • Immobilize at the slightest touch thanks to sophisticated sensors, to prevent any danger to nearby people.
  • Closed areas and safety fencing are no longer needed.
  1. Flexible and teachable
  • Very easy to program
  • Some cobot models even learn independently
  • Technician performing a movement with the robot arm, which the cobot can then automatically reproduce
  • Given work instructions without coding, using a graphic user interface
  • Employees can flexibly reprogram cobots and use them for a variety of tasks
  1. Usable anywhere
  • Relatively easy to re-locate
  • Can be mounted on any surface – horizontal, vertical, on the ceiling.
  • Light enough to be carried by just one person

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