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Month: June 2017

Robotised Palletising Machine

A palletiser is an automated machine which provides automatic robotised means for stacking secondary cases or boxes of products onto a pallet. Horan Automation and Consulting can customise, design, build and integrate a robotised palletising system for any manufacturing company, regardless of the company size or palletising demand.  Horan Automation and Consulting are experts in integrating …

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Pallet Wrapping Machine

Horan Automation and Consulting supplies and installs both semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrapping machines for the manufacturing industry.  We can cater for many levels of industrial factory pallet wrapping, regardless of your production output. ROTATING TABLE FOR WRAPPING PALLETIZED LOADS DESCRIPTION Our entry level machine, ideal for small to medium operations. Designed to wrap …

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Box Erectors

A case or box erector is an automated machine that takes a flat cardboard box, erects and glues or tapes it.  Box erectors usually work in conjunction with a pick and place robotic arm or an operator where the robot places the products into the secondary case to be palletised.  Horan Automation and Consulting supplies …

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Cartoning Machines

A cartoning machine or cartoner, is a packaging machine that forms cartons: erect, close, folded, side seamed and sealed cartons.  Printed leaflets can also be automatically folded and inserted into the carton with the product.  Horan Automation and Consulting supply, install and integrate both primary and secondary cartoning machines. We supply vertical cartoning machines and horizontal …

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Filling Machines

Filling Machines Fillers (or filling machines) are automated machines used for industrial packaging, mainly for food/beverage but for other products such as pharmaceutical packaging. These are used to fill either a bottle or a pouch, depending on the product. There are several types of fillers used by the packaging industry.  For more information on what …

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Unscrambler Machines An Unscrambler is an automatic, variable speed packaging machine mostly used to sort out bottles before they can proceed to a filling machine. The unscrambler orients, processes, and positions the empty bottles onto a moving conveyor for further downstream processing. There are several automated approaches to bottle unscrambling. Unscramblers can also be used …

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