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Automated Production Line


A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of laboratory diagnostic instruments and consumables required assistance in the design and implementation of a significant extension to their existing production facility to allow for planned increased production in the future.


  • Complete a feasibility study to ascertain if the automation project is viable and if so assist with an application for Capital for the automation project
  • Should the factory automation project be viable and capital is approved, then project manage the supply installation and commissioning of all automated machinery, electrical pneumatic and automation product services and also specify the size and layout of the manufacturing building required.

Stage 1 Feasibility Study:

  1. The initial stage of the automation project ie Feasibility study and capital request was scheduled to be completed in three months
  1. Horan Automation & Consulting Ltd carried out an initial evaluation of the automation equipment that would be needed for a fully automatic production line. A key requirement of the manufacturing client was that no extra staff would be needed to operate the new line
  2. The outcome of the automation Feasibility study was that a 250 square meter extension would be needed to house the automatic production line which would consist of seven automated machines, integrated into one fully automatic production line.
  1. Horan Automation & Consulting Ltd presented the findings of the automation feasibility study complete with costings, a Solid Works model  of the new production area showing all the machines, and a report on how the installation would impact on existing production schedules.


Stage 1 Result:

Following analysis of the automation feasibility study by our pharmaceutical manufacturing client, it was decided that the automation project was viable and would generate a significant return on their investment. Capital was approved for the full project and Horan Automation & Consulting was contracted as the  Project Management Company for the Automation part of the project. A timeline of twelve months was agreed for the design and implementation of the automated production line.


Stage 2 Project Design and Implementation:

The first stage of the design was to decide exactly what automated machines were needed and the layout of them. Following research and discussions with potential filling machine, cartoning machine, unscrambler, labeller, shirnkwrapper and conveyor suppliers the automated production line was finalised as follows.


A range of potential automated machine suppliers was identified for each of the above machines. Following detailed discussions four automated machine suppliers were selected to supply the complete turnkey manufacturing line between them, with Horan Automation & Consulting Ltd specifying and coordinating the machine integration interconnection between them and the exact responsibilities of each automated machine supplier.

Horan Automation & Consulting Ltd. produced a detailed User Requirement Specification for each automated machine prior to final agreement on price and delivery.

During design and construction of each automated machine we liaised closely with each automated machine supplier to ensure that the automated machines were constructed to meet our manufacturing client’s distinct requirements, were CE marked and where possible that similar components was used in the construction. This reduces the amount of training for staff and also reduces the variety of automated machine spare parts that need to be held in stock

Following completion of each automated machine, Horan Automation & Consulting carried out a Factory Acceptance Test prior to approving payment and agreeing to shipping to our pharmaceutical manufacturing client.

We then supervised the automated machine installation and industrial commissioning by each machine supplier.

Stage 2 Result:

The complete automated production line was commissioned on time and within budget. This automated manufacturing line has ensured that our pharmaceutical client can increase his production by three fold without any increase in staff costs. Horan Automation &  Consulting Ltd continues to provide automation support and training to this manufacturing client.



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