Horan Automation

Case Study A

In 2004, a pharmaceutical multinational was employing 2 people on an 8 hour day each.  The job was dangerous so the management team decided to automate the process.  A robotic cell was introduced and soon demand rose for their product.  The robot was able to met this demand by running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The robot cost €200,000 initially but the company recouped this cost through their savings in only 2 years.  They then continued to save annually amounting to a saving of €1.6 million since the robot cell was fully paid for.


Case Study B

A large multinational manufacturing company was employing 6 people to do a complicated task which was slow and tedious.  Demand rose and they were not able to meet it.  A robot had to be introduced to speed up the process.  The robot cell has now been running for 13 years and was fully paid for after 2.5 years.  The total saving since the cell was paid for now amounts to €787,500 or €75,000 per year.


Case Study C

An SME in the consumer goods manufacturing sector could not meet demand for their product due to problems recruiting sufficient staff.  They decided to automate the process.  The automated packaging machine cost €160,000 which they paid for using Horan Automation finance.  This allowed them to better manage their cash flow while availing of the much needed machine.  They recouped the cost of the machine within only 6 months and it is predicted that they will save €300,000 per year or €3 million in 10 years.